Pros And Cons Of Social Media


Pros And Cons Of Social Media

Let me start by saying there are many downsides to social media, but if it is used appropriately it has multiple benefits. Having a social media account changes how we communicate.

But do we really need to be on social media?

This depends on who you are talking to about it. A site like Facebook could be highly advantageous if being used as a launching pad for a new business, or it could be a black hole for a teenager experiencing bullying.

There are pros and cons to everything in life — and in this technological age; this includes our social networking habits.

Below are some of pro's and cons that most people can relate to. As you go through them ask yourself how you can take advantage of the pros more, and perhaps let go of some of the cons.

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Pros of Social Networking

There are hundreds of people to connect with all over this planet, and you can do just that on social media. You can instantly connect with people anywhere. A major pro if you are looking to connect with people who you've lost contact with.

Easy and instant communication.

Having a smart device allows us to be open to connection. We don't need to rely on old landlines, or snail mail. We can simply connect right there in the palm of our hands. We can even see people face to face which honestly is pretty darn cool.

Real-time news and information discovery.

We don't have to let the major new channels dominate the news they choose to feed us anymore! You can connect with what's going on in the world via social media. You can even customise the news you receive by choosing to follow precisely who you want.

Great opportunities for business owners.

Social Media is a fantastic platform for business owners and professionals. Being on social allows businesses to connect with current customers.

They can sell products, promote products, they can expand their reach all through the use of social media. There are actually a lot of businesses in the world that thive entirely on social networks. Their business couldn't operate without the integration of social media.

General fun and enjoyment.

How often do you get lost in the never-ending spiral of facebook or youtube? You can get lost for hours. You can see exactly what your friends are doing and where they are at without having to ask them directly.

Cons of Social Networking

Information overload. With everyone being consumed by social networking it can be seriously overwhelming. People can be obsessed with posting, taking selfies, taking pictures of food and sharing on you-tube. It can be a boisterous experience. Trying to keep up with everyone all the time can leave you feeling tired and burnt out. This isn't all that uncommon.

You can bloat your news feeds with to much content that you have no interest in at all.

Privacy issues

Privacy is always going to be a massive issue, especially if you have children. Social sites can own your content once it is posted.

They can share your location when you want to keep something private, and often with children they are looking at content that they shouldn't be.

Social peer pressure and cyberbullying.

This is huge in Australia and recently in the news, there have been reports of children commiting suicide. Kids can struggle to fit in with their friends, especially teens and even some young adults.

The can be told they are not good enough; keyboard warriors hiding behind a screen can even abuse kids. All of this can lead to severe stress and major anxiety and even severe depression.

Online interaction substitution for offline interaction.

You can get into the rhythm of pulling up a friend's social profile with a tap in the palm of your hand. In some ways, it's more convenient to switch online interaction as a substitute for face to face interaction.

Are people becoming less affectionate and engaging due to being phone addicted?

Distraction and procrastination.

Phones can be all-consuming. People are constantly distracted by social media or messages popping up on their phones. People even text while driving. People struggle to fully engage in a conversation because they can't put their phone down. Being addicted to social media can also lead to procrastination. People avoid what they should be doing for what they want to be doing.

Lastly being engulfed in social media can really lead to a sedentary lifestyle. It can consume you for hours. Try to focus on and use social media for the good points. Be wary of the cons and really try to live this wonderful life by giving your full attention to the person your with. After all time is fleeting.

Yvette Davies