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Yvette Lillian Design Co is a boutique Design studio, based on Australia's breath-taking Sunshine Coast. The studio is founded by Yvette Davies who successfully completed a double major in the Creative Industries. Majoring in both Graphic Design and Social Media.

Yvette Lillian Design specialises in creating sleek digital designs and visual identities. We work with all kinds of clients, some of who are Bloggers, Vloggers, Podcasters, Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs.

When collaborating with Yvette, you can expect an open and honest relationship. She strives to deliver stunning branding and on-point site designs. She has a keen eye for detail, and keep's herself updated with the latest website trends, and social media algorithms.

We create clean websites that have stunning visuals. We integrate the use of strong typography and source our inspiration from the stunning colours that nature displays. We create contemporary edgy and timeless designs that are thoughtful, well researched, and that effortlessly relay your businesses message.

When investing in a new design for your business, you can often find your self overwhelmed or stressed. This is where Yvette comes in. She will strive to make your entire process seamless, from start to finish, she will be your primary point of contact. This allows her to offer you any support or guidance you may need and will enable you to check in with her.

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On a Personal Note

I worked abroad in the yachting industry for 10+ years. This is where my keen eye for detail truly developed and also where I fell in love with design. Yacht interiors can be simply stunning, and in addition, the yachts are complimented with gorgeous logo design, high-end stationery, crew uniform designs, stunning menu design, and eloquent branding throughout. During my time in yachting, I also developed a love for Yoga & Meditation.

Meditation is deeply integrated into my daily life; it allows me to become calm in stressful situations. It also allows me to be intuitive, and I feel this is something you can often see reflected when working alongside me. To this day, I have sat 230 days in meditation complete silence. No devices, no books, no music, just me and my mind battling it out. I have always sort to study with teachers who have a deep spiritual essence and who are renowned in their fields. I have been lucky enough to travel vastly across the globe, and honestly believe that travelling fuels the soul.



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